Africa is one of the continents in the world, which is a home to renowned attractions such as:

  • Waterfalls
  • Deserts
  • Mountains
  • Canyons
  • National parks
  • Craters
  • Lakes
  • Coral reefs

Even the pictures and videos of the natural wonders of Africa that you see on the internet will leave you absolutely mesmerized.

Just imagine going there in person to experience all of that. Think about it for your next holidays.

A few of the natural wonders of Africa are briefly discussed below.

1. Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe/Zambia border

Victoria Falls, the renowned African and global landmark, spans a staggering 1,708 meters and is situated on the Zambezi River, serving as the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The iconic Victoria Falls Bridge, erected in 1905, connects Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls town and Zambia’s Livingston, accommodating cars, pedestrians, and trains.

The area offers diverse activities including:

  • Whitewater rafting
  • Helicopter rides
  • Bungee jumping from the bridge
  • The thrilling experience of swimming in the Devil’s Pool.

Water flow varies seasonally, with minimal water during the dry season.

2. Tundavala Gap in Angola

The Tundavala Gap, situated in Angola’s Serra da Leba Mountain, unveils a breathtaking natural spectacle.

The Serra da Leba plateau, soaring at 2200 meters, dramatically plunges 1000 meters, creating a stunning abyss resembling a majestic piece carved from the mountain.

Located 18 km from Lubango, southern Angola, reaching the gap involves a drive to the mountain plateau, offering a mesmerizing viewpoint.

Along the ascent, encounter eccentric natural rock formations steeped in myths and fantastic narratives, enhancing the journey’s enchantment.

3. The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression, situated in northeast Ethiopia, is a captivating natural wonder with extreme heat, making it Earth’s hottest location. This unique landscape includes two active volcanoes and a vast salt plain.

Visitors can hike Erta Ale, camp at the crater rim, and witness mesmerizing lava activity. The area showcases a surreal blend of barren lava fields, limestone formations, and historic salt plains, evoking an out of the world experience.

4. Cape of Good Hope in South Africa

The Cape of Good Hope, situated on the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa, is easily accessible from Cape Town, either through guided tours or a short 1.5-hour drive.

It is nestled in a protected wildlife reserve, and the journey offers encounters with diverse animals, including:

  • Monkeys
  • African penguins
  • Flamingos

Formed from rocks similar to Table Mountain, this iconic location promises a scenic half-day to full-day trip, providing a memorable exploration of South Africa’s natural beauty.

5. River Nile in Egypt

The river Nile, a vital African natural wonder, holds immense historical and cultural significance for Egypt. Revered since Ancient Egypt, the Nile is deemed the source of life, supporting existence in the desert.

Egyptians based their calendar on its seasons—flooding, drought, and harvest. The river’s crucial role is reflected in the deity Hapi, symbolizing the Nile’s floods that brought fertile soil, enabling agriculture.

An integral element of Egypt’s strategy, the Nile served as a lifeline for sustenance, transport, trade, and access to the Mediterranean.

This continent is also known for its animals. You can also visit the to learn all about the magnificent animals you can see in Africa.