The popularity of wild and even cold water swimming has reached the shores of Newfoundland. In fact, the Canadian island is celebrated among wild swimming groups for its idyllic and largely untouched natural environments, especially its remarkable waterfalls. This popularity means that not only do the locals take to enjoy a dip but many visit from elsewhere in Canada to enjoy the water too.

Whether you are visiting Newfoundland or simply want to find a great wild swimming spot near you, we are unveiling some of the island’s best and most unforgettable locations.

Rattling Brook Falls

If you are willing to put the steps in to swim beneath one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Newfoundland, then heading out to Rattling Brook might be the right destination for you. Known for its dense variety of wildlife, the area is sheltered by the landscape, meaning that it is a pleasant destination throughout the year. What’s more, those who swim beneath the majestic waterfall often say the water is surprisingly warm.

Middle Brook Falls

Wild swmming communities often share their favourite waterfalls and swimming holes, with those established in Newfoundland being no different. One of the most consistently popular locations is found in Glenburnie and is known as Middle Brook Falls. There are three waterfalls here, helpfully named First, Second, and Third, each being incrementally more challenging, with the latter being a popular spot for brave swimmers to jump off and plunge into the water below.

Punch Bowl

A stone’s throw from St John’s, the Punch Bowl is a large and welcoming swimming destination that those of all abilities enjoy. It can be a little tricky to access but those with a vehicle will find suitable parking at the end. The Punch Bowl is championed by St. John’s as a symbol of ecological health efforts, with many swimming groups endeavouring to both enjoy and preserve the natural beauty. So, be sure to bring along your environmentally friendly changing robe if you want to fit in with the locals.

Musgrave Harbour

With an extensive shore of white sands, Musgrave Harbour is a true gem of Newfoundland and continues to be popular among swimmers. Understandably so considering that few other locations in the world allow you to stand on pristine sands while watching icebergs float by.

While the clear waters make for the perfect destination during the summer months, it is not uncommon to see many taking to dip even during the winter, before heading back to dry land for a hot beverage in one of the town’s many cafes.

Deer Lake Beach

An expansive body of water found inland, Deer Lake is host to a number of fantastic swimming spots, offering clean sand and pristine waters. The water of Deer Lake is also relatively shallow, which is great news for wild swimmers because it means that it maintains a warm temperature throughout most of the year. There aren’t many beaches in Newfoundland with such fine and clean sand so, if you want to revel in a perfect beach environment, this is one of the best places to visit.